Movie: Bal-Can-Can (2005)

(Macedonian: Бал-Кан-Кан; Countries: Macedonia, Italy; Languages: Macedonian, Italian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Bosnian, Albanian)

A comedy about a military deserter who escapes his native Macedonia with his family during the fighting between Albanian separatists and government forces in 2001. But this background only provides the point of departure for an extremely funny film.

The story consists of the quest to find the grandmother’s dead body who, when she dies during the journey, is rolled in a carpet, and loaded on the roof of the car to hide from authorities. When the carpet is stolen and along with the body, they find themselves trawling through Balkan’s crime mafias to retrieve her.

I’m hard to laugh watching comedies but this one kept me bemused. It has sharp twists of plot, intelligent dealing of situations, an expressive cast of characters, and it satirizes the conflict very well. I liked it 5/5, for what it is worth.

Fun fact: The film was the highest-grossing film to date in Macedonia (wiki). Here is the IMDb Link for the film.


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