Movie: Halima’s Path (2012)

(Bosnian: Halimin Put; Country: Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia; Language: Bosnian)

Based on a true story, a grieving Muslim Bosniak woman must track down the biological mother of her adopted son who was butchered by the Serb militia in the war.

When authorities find bones and skeletons of murdered Bosniaks, they call on Halima to give blood sample so her DNA might be matched with that of the heap of bones, but she can’t help as she’s not the biological mother. Then begins the search for the real mother, who has reasons of her own to hide the fact that she’s the mother of Mirza, the murdered lad.

But that’s about the only thing that’s based on true events; the rest of the story is fictionalized for dramatic adaptation.

This is just about all I could say about it without spoiling it for anyone wishing to watch the film.

There’s a bit about a couple wanting to give their son a ‘proper’ Islamic name. That was before the war. So they name him Aaron (Haroon). The boy’s uncle, similarly Muslim, objects to the name and says he’s never heard of it. “I don’t know if this name is from this world let alone a proper Muslim name.” It appears that Bosniaks tend to have their own Bosnian-origin name like Iranians do. Even so, how can a Muslim who has a slightest clue about Islamic tradition couldn’t have heard about Haroon? Musa and Haroon? hello?

The actress who played Halima did well but otherwise the film’s pretty average, on every count: acting, character-building, effects of war and rapine – nothing shines through. I’d rate it 50/50, despite it having got 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb.


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