Movie: To Kill a King (2003)

England was the first country in Europe to become a commonwealth or republic when it deposed and killed its king back in the middle of the 17th century. But it did not last long. When Oliver Cromwell, the ‘Lord Protector’ of the commonwealth died, the nobility enthroned the son of the deposed king and restored monarchy. The restoration has lasted to date while the republic lived only for about a decade.

This film chronicles the struggle between Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell and their conflicting policies with regards fighting the English King.

The leader of the struggle, Lord Fairfax, who was born into nobility, rose to prominence on the back of other nobles in their dispute with the king on his extremely unfair merchant levies and misuse of absolute monarchical powers. But Lord Fairfax was a moderate who desired reconciliation with the king if he assented to nobility’s demands; his second-in-command, Oliver Cromwell, however, was a fiery fanatic, or so the film depicts him such way.

It’s pretty standard fictionialised storytelling but how faithful it has been to history I can’t say, because I’m not well read in the Cromwellian saga, which I understand to have been much mythologized in the annals of English history, to make an informed judgment.

A history lesson for sure, but nothing special. I’d rate it 3/5. IMDb Link


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