Movie: The Hunt (2012)

(Danish: Jagten; Country: Denmark; Language: Danish)

‘It is assumed that children tell the truth but it’s common for children to describe non-existing details’ and ‘to have a vivid imagination.’

A primary school teacher is accused of sexually abusing an innocent child. A mass hysteria ensues. He is ostracized, social-boycotted, spat on, thrown out of shops, abused and, finally, arrested by the police. Lucas’ perfectly normal life becomes topsy-turvy.

What recourse do you have when an angelic child, just to spite her teacher, describes things that can only be interpreted as sexual abuse? None whatsoever; it is as though the accusation proves the guilt.

It’s an excellent critique of  preconceived notions and our attitudes towards some social matters, which, though serious, are guided by irrationality and impulse than by reason and evidence.

I did not know Mads Mikkelsen (of Casino Royale and Clash of the Titans) was a Dane. He played the lead role well.

A recommended watch. My rating 5/5. IMDb Link


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