Movie: The Raid: Redemption (2011)

(Indonesian: Serbuan Maut; Country: Indonesia; Language: Indonesian)

Director Gareth Evans brings Indonesian martial arts (Pencak silat) to worldwide audience. It is action packed thriller. First class action in an otherwise third class film.

Action pervades, right from the start; so much so that by the time the film ends your cheeks are flushed and your heart’s beating fast.

There is very little towards good story and nothing about characterisation except that every one is a master in martial arts, and they amply display their talents. The movie makers could have just gathered cops and gangsters in one building and, without bothering with anything else, made them fight for the whole one hour forty minutes run time. Oh wait. That just what they did!

A team of elite cops led by a maverick lieutenant raid a decrepit tenement to capture a dangerous gangster chief who runs the place. They have underestimated his designs. Trouble is, the operation is not official and a top cop has ulterior motives for capturing the crime lord.

Five out of five for action and just a single star for the film. IMDb Link


One thought on “Movie: The Raid: Redemption (2011)

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