Art: Sadequain’s Nudes (1 of 2)

Sadequain’s self portrait

Sadequain (1930 – 1987) is Pakistan’s foremost painter. Besides being a skilled calligrapher and a poet, his mastery lay in depicting in paintings the great poems and famous couplets of Urdu poets, including that of Ghalib and Faiz, in the poetry-celebrating culture of Pakistan.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the great poet, says about Sadequain’s work, “With the commencement of his phantasmagorical exploration of form and substance, there emerges a series of abstract visual statements, strong and subtle, stripping, anatomising and recreating the skeletal forms beneath the visual flesh — skeletons of streets and cities, weeds and plants, men and women.”

Famous for his poetry-influenced paintings, he occasionally sketched and painted nudes. Here is a small selection of Sadequain’s nudes that not many people know about unless they research and make themselves thoroughly acquainted with his oeuvre.


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