Documentary: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2003)

(Country: Ireland; Languages: English; Spanish)

This documentary film chronicles the events leading to and surrounding the coup that briefly ousted late Hugo Chavez from power in 2002. It is based on the filming of Irish journalists who were  present in Caracas at the time of the coup which gives this film a very real feel. It also shows footage from besieged presidential palace right after the coup was declared.

The military-media nexus led the coup and employed criminal means to reach their end. They urged anti-Chavez folks to go out and march to the palace to demand his resignation. The procession was shot at and people were killed. It was later proved that military snipers were behind it and blamed it on Chavez.

The highlight of the film was also a funny twist of irony. The douche who was chosen by the military junta to head the country declared the coup a “victory of democracy” and praised the democratic choice of people in putting him into power!

Apart from a few media bigwigs and top generals, everyone stood besides Chavez. The lower ranking military officers refused to follow orders. The generals and other important coup leaders in turn were ousted out of the presidential palace and Chavez was brought back. It was a complete and total victory of the people who supported a popular leader.

Rated 5/5.


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