Movie: Lincoln (2012)

Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece depicting events leading to the passing of the 13th Amendment to the US constitution amid the civil war. It shows the pressures of the war on Lincoln and his family. He suffered from “melancholy” according to people close to him. Today we know it as clinical depression.

Nearly everybody believed that the attempt at the amendment would be defeated in the Congress as it had already been a year or so ago. But Lincoln is confident after his re-election and must go through with his plans. He did.

And so it happened. The amendment outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude and led to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by a disgruntled and famous stage actor who hated the President for his sympathetic views toward the “Negros”

Daniel Day-Lewis without doubt has been outstanding in the character of Lincoln. Not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who know, it’s a must watch. 5/5 IMDb Link


One thought on “Movie: Lincoln (2012)

  1. ——A 12th? –13th? Hollywood ‘Lincoln’?

    —again with Sally Field?

    ——–still bringing –nothing new– to the table

    —–and, a first, featuring a foreigner in the lead

    ——–while, in 2013, making NO reference whatsoever
    to the REAL Lincoln’s quite possibly –FATAL–
    diss of the Global bank monopoly over finance
    if the war?


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