Movie: Ironclad (2011)

A great rebellion aided by Knights Templar breaks out in the reign of King John Lackland (r. 1199 – 1216) when he reneges on the pledges enshrined in the Magna Carta. The rebellion leads to heavy losses of English possessions in France and eventual weakening of the English Crown.

After easy victory at strategically important garrison city of Rochester, the rebels hold the castle and wait for French help as they fight the King’s mercenaries besieging the castle. The story goes through battle after battle and continuous rebel effort to defend their keep against King’s forces till they can no more.

The film’s visuals are laudable especially its excellent medieval war scenes. However it lacks an engaging plot and comes out as a pretty stale story. Seeing the baron’s wife trying to seduce the lead Templar under the vow of chastity was quite annoying really. But guess what, they do “it”, finally. My like-o-meter 4/5. IMDb Link


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