Movie: Cairo 678 (2010)


(Arabic: فيلم ٦٧٨; Country: Egypt; Language: Arabic)

Egypt is notorious for sexual harassment of women and this film focuses on the spread and magnitude of this problem. It’s based on a true story about the first case of sexual harassment ever to be registered in Egypt. A year later the government enacted law to criminalize sexual harassment (before that it was not an offense!).

In this fictionalized account, a group of three women from different backgrounds come together when they individually and persistently experience sexual harassment to take on the harassers and the authorities who are indifferent to their plight. Women are usually harassed on buses. The lead character, when riding bus, keeps a small knife and whoever gets closer to her is discreetly attacked with the knife. A rush ensues after every attack and nobody knows who did it. The infamy of a mysterious person on buses who injures men causes harassers to be careful and sexual harassment of women riders reduces.

Victims of sexual harassment are forced to keep mum and discouraged from registering their cases as it would ruin their reputation and that of their families. One of them goes on a revenge campaign to take on harassers on buses and injures them with a pen knife. In a sort of burlesque, poetic justice sort of turn, not a single guy who is attacked reports officially to the police. Because if they do, they confess to being harassers.

Despite inexplicable twists in the plot and sometimes wooden dialogue, it was a  very good watch. My rating along with the link is 4/5. IMDb Link


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